Job Interview Skills

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Job Interview Skills You'll Need

Secrets to Honing Your Job Interview Skills Many people believe that job interview skills are the sort of thing that a candidate either has or doesn’t have on the day of their interview. These people also believe that job interview skills are somehow connected to being smooth, with smiling and being confident during the interview. Though there is nothing wrong with being confident or easy to talk to, most employers are less interested in hiring a personality than they are hiring a person with the skills and temperament to perform on the job immediately. Conveying those qualities to the interviewer is a skill that someone cannot simply walk into the interview and turn on. Rather, they must do the work ahead of time to not only develop the required skills for the job, but the ability to showcase them to the interviewer at the appropriate time.

The most effective job interview skills actually manifest themselves before the interview. Researching the target company, for instance, is a skill that is much more valuable than the ability to come in and schmooze with the interviewer. The candidate who can do the reading and investigation into the target company and determine what the company is looking for in their hire has an extreme advantage over the person who simply walks in and starts answering questions. After all, the candidate who finds out ahead of time what the company requires and expects can begin preparing his or her responses to reflect those corporate priorities from the very beginning of the process. In fact, that candidate could formulate a number of job interview answers which give the desired impression and have them ready to go on command in the interview.

More Job Interview Skills You'll Need

Another set of job interview skills is the ability to apply your experience and history and turn that into selling points. If an interviewer asks you if you are good with details, saying “yes” answers the question, but it doesn’t do so very convincingly. Everyone that is asked that question would say yes, whether it was true or not. Saying “yes” and then giving a relevant example of when your attention to detail created a positive result for the company not only answers the question, but also provides strong proof for the answer.

The good news is that all of these job interview skills can be learned with practice. If you have a job interview coming up, get a head start as early as possible on your research and story creating. Then, when you believe that you have a good idea what the interviewer will ask, and those you would like to answer, go through those questions with a friend. If possible, record your answers on videocassette or camera so that you can go over them later. Note the areas where you were hesitant, unsure or forgot to keep selling yourself to the interviewer. Those are the areas where you can practice your interview skills more intensely. Another good way to strengthen your interview skills is to interview. If you have a dream job, don’t apply to it first. Go to a couple of other companies first and practice the process. By the time you’ve gone through the process a couple of times, you should be ready for the big interview.

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