Job Interview Questions Answers

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Amazing Job Interview Question and Answers

The kind of job interview question answers that you want to provide your interviewer are the kind of answers that ask both the asked question and the real, unspoken question. Typically, the unspoken question is the same in every interview, for every job: “Can you do this job?” After all, that is the whole point of the interview, isn’t it? Finding out the candidates who can do the job, and selecting the one who can do it the best, soonest. Keeping the purpose of the interview, and the unasked question in the back of your mind should inform how you not only prepare for the interview, but the answers to job interview questions that you get ready in your mind for the big day.

The way to make your job interview question answers effectively respond to the unasked question is to know exactly what it means to “do the job.” That includes having a clear and accurate idea of the daily tasks that the job requires, the results that the job values and the personal contributions to the corporate culture that the company wants to see in a new hire. Luckily, finding out these factors is not impossible. All you need to do is spend some time reading published material such as the job description and advertisement for the position, and do some personal interviewing among people you know with familiarity with the company and industry. When you have a strong sense of what it means to do that target job, your next goal is to find a way to persuasively show that you can do it.

Job Interview Question and Answers Strategy

No job interview question answers are as effective as the ones that vividly show that you have already accomplished the tasks and results that the interviewer is asking you about. For that reason, your question answers should be prepared in a way that tells the interviewer a story. In this story, you encounter a problem or situation similar to the one that the target job faces. In this story, you take actions similar to the one that the target job is expected to take. And in this story you achieve the results that the target job is expected to achieve. What’s more, in this story you demonstrate the characteristics and attributes which the company values most.

If your job interview question answers fit into that template, that creates an image in the interviewer’s mind of you at the target job, successfully performing it. That image takes you out of the category of risk or gamble, and makes you a sure thing. Companies like hiring sure things. It makes them feel that they are able to get that hire started earning them money with a minimum of time, effort and money investments. Hiring a sure thing also gives the management of the company the assurance that they can leave the problems of the job in that sure thing’s able hands and confidently move onto other issues and concerns.

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