Job Interview Questions & Answers

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Amazing Job Interview Questions and Answers Tips

For many prospective employees, job interview questions and answers are daunting obstacles to overcome. These job seekers believe that the interviewers are determined to weed them out of the interview process, by randomly asking difficult and revealing questions which the interviewer cannot possibly hope to prepare for. Though it’s understandable to go into an interview with a bit of nervousness, job interview questions and answers don’t have to be so threatening. The reality is that job interviewers are not trying to weed anyone out. In fact, most job interviewers are desperately trying to bring people in, and get them hired. After all, once they get another employee in, that means that they get more help doing the necessary work for the company. What’s more, they can stop spending time interviewing people, and get back to the job they get paid to do.

The job interview questions and answers that the interviewers are hoping for are the ones that let the interviewer know that the candidate is prepared to come in and start doing a great job for the company right away. What this means to the interviewer is that the employee is already doing something exactly like or similar to the required job, and is currently achieving the kinds of results that the target company expects from its current employees. To give those kinds of answers, you need to do the work before the interview to know what the target position will need to do on the job, and what kind of results he or she is expected to achieve. Once you know those elements, then you can guess the kinds of questions you will be asked and the kinds of answers you should give.

More Job Interview Questions and Answers Secrets

Job interview questions and answers typically follow the style of interviewing known as the “behavioral interview.” In this style of interview, the premise that the interviewer is following is that the candidate’s behavior in the past predicts their behavior in the future. So the interviewer seeks to discover how you, the candidate, reacted in situations that you are likely to encounter on the target job. He or she will evaluate the way that you react, and the results you achieve, in light of the actions and results that the target job would require and expect.

You can prepare for job interview questions and answers like this by getting a lot of success stories ready to tell. Your research should have uncovered all the expectations and requirements of the position, and the kinds of situations, actions and results which the company desires. Look into your past job history and find the situations, actions and results which best match up to those desires. Have that story ready to go in your mind, really taking care to make the situation, action and result as similar or identical to the company’s wishes as possible. This practice enables the interview to have faith that you can come into the target position and begin your career with a minimum of training and delay.

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