Job Interview Questions

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Secrets to Predicting Job Interview Questions

Job interview questions are like test questions. They are only intimidating if you don’t know what they will be. Once you figure out what will be on the test, however, then the intimidation factor is gone. You know what to study for, you know how to prepare, and you can be sure to excel on either the test or the interview. Fortunately for job seekers, there is a simple way to determine ahead of time the job interview questions they will face. This method does not involve spying on the interviewer during other job interviews, or somehow hacking into the companies secret job interview question database. This method takes nothing more than curiosity, research and logic.

The first step to determining what job interview questions you will face consists of learning as much as you can about the target job. What are this job’s day to day duties? What results does a successful performer achieve? What kind of environment will the job take place in? What kind of attributes does a successful performer display? What personal or informal duties does the job also require? What kinds of additional roles or responsibilities does the company expect a successful performer to add to his or her job? What are the most important issues facing the industry? Who are the competitors to the target firm? What does the target firm do in order to compete against these competitors? What is the perception within and without the industry about the target firm? You will know that you have researched enough when you can answer all these questions.

How to Predict Job Interview Questions

To predict the job interview questions you will encounter, simply use your research findings to determine the most important duties and expected results of the target job. Chances are, the majority of the job interview questions will be chosen to discover whether or not you can perform these duties and achieve these results. Consequently, your preparation for these questions should focus on being able to not only say that you can, but to prove it with relevant examples from your work history. To do this, simply create a list of the top requirements and desired results and think of times in your job history in which you have done these things. What was the situation? What actions did you take? What were the results?

Answer your job interview questions in this format, and you will create a picture in the interviewer’s mind of yourself performing the duties and getting the results which you are describing. If you have prepared yourself fully, you can make sure that all of these factors match up with the situation, actions and results relevant to the target job. Seeing your successful performance in similar or identical situations gives the interviewer confidence that you can perform in the target job as well. With this confidence in you, the interviewer does not think of you as an unknown commodity anymore. You are a proven performer, who is eligible to be considered for the position in question.

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