Job Interview Preparation

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Job Interview Preparation Secrets

The secret of job interview preparation is no secret at all: The more you prepare, the more you know about the position and the company, the better you will perform in the interview. The best way to visualize the advantage that company knowledge can give you is to imagine that for some reason there is some kind of mistake in HR, and you are asked to interview for your current job at your company. Think for a few minutes about how well that interview would go. You know what the duties of the job are, and have been performing exactly those for some time. You know what results the management desires, and have examples of those results to talk about. You know what the corporate culture is, and have contributed to that culture for some time already. In short, on the strength of your job interview, you would be a lock for your own position.

That kind of knowledge and confidence should be the goal of your job interview preparation for any other job you interview for. Though itís difficult to get the intimate knowledge of a company without the day to day interaction of working there, at the very least you can get a clear understanding of the position that you are interviewing for. Through printed materials such as job descriptions, combined with informal research among people familiar with the job, company and industry, you should be able to determine what the job duties are, and what kinds of results are considered success by the company. In addition, you should be able to find out what attributes or characteristics the company believes will contribute to success, and what additional duties and responsibilities a successful employee would take on over time.

More Job Preparation Secrets

Your job preparation strategy is to integrate these factors -- the jobís duties, desired results, desired characteristics, future responsibilities -- into the answers that you give the interviewer about yourself. Like the hypothetical interview for your own job, you would ideally like to give the impression that you are already doing exactly what the company is looking for, that you are already producing exactly the results that the company desires, that you are displaying exactly the characteristics and attributes that the company values.

Part of your job preparation will be folding that information into the answers in a convincing and natural-sounding way. The most effective way to do this is to give these answers in the forms of quick narratives and examples of your performances and results. Simply saying that you are the kind of person who displays leadership isnít enough. Everyone would say that, even if it were true or not. But if you have a great story about an instance when you showed your leadership to achieve a positive result, that means much more than a simple assertion. The story is even more powerful if the situation, the actions and the results are similar or identical to the situations, actions and results that you would encounter at the target job.

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