Job Interview Letters

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Amazing Job Interview Letters Tips

Job interview letters offer you a chance to put you in front of a hiring decision maker. You have to write them just right to get that chance though. Too many job seekers just write a job interview letter in a way that simply regurgitates whatís in their resume, or that gives the reader information without reason or persuasion. Fortunately, with just a little bit of work, even the worst interview letter can be rewritten to become the lean, mean interview-landing letter that will get you in the chair in front of the person who can get you your dream job. The first step to making that happen is to simply think. So many candidates launch themselves into actions, whether that means writing a letter or going to an interview, without strategizing and considering exactly what they are doing and how to do it better.

What is the point of job interview letters? Thatís simple. To get you the job interview. Why would someone grant you the job interview? Thatís also simple. Because they believe that you could do the job. Consequently, the purpose of your interview letters and resumes packages that you send out is to convince the reader that you can do the job. If your resume already has that exact job on it, preferably in the most recent spot, then you have a head start. If you are switching careers, then you have to work a little bit harder to make that interviewer believe that your experience and training has prepared you for the position. Once again, the way to do this is to do some strategic thinking.

Job Interview Letters Advice

The hiring manager has an idea in his or her mind about what the target job needs to do, and your job interview letters should convincingly show that you can do just that. If you donít know exactly what those duties and responsibilities are yet, then your first task will be to find them out. Some of this research might need to take place by reading published articles and postings about the company. Other information can be gathered by doing personal research among friends and family members who might have some sort of insight about the company, the industry and the position. When you have all that information ready, you will be in a position to begin writing your letter.

Begin your job interview letters with a salutation to the exact person who should receive it, not some ďto whom it may concernĒ non-entity. State that you are interested in that specific position and that you believe that your experience and training will make you achieve the results that the company desires. Then prove it. Lay out how your experience makes you suitable for the target position, and how you have already achieved that positionís target results in your career. End the letter with a request for an interview. State that you are looking forward to hearing from the interviewer, and that if you donít hear back by a specific day then you will call him or her and set it up yourself.

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