Job Interview Letter

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Amazing Job Interview Letter Secrets

The job interview letter represents different things to different people. For some people, the after job interview letter is a simple chance to say thanks for the interview. For these people, this letter is a quick piece of writing, based on a template already in their computer, which they can send out as an email or letter whenever they get back from a job interview. For other people, the post job interview letter is a strategic piece of communication. Itís an opportunity to follow up on a strong interview performance with an equally strong job interview letter which makes it even more clear exactly why that candidate is perfect for the position in question.

The time and effort that these two people put into the job interview letter is not significantly different. The second individual, however, the one who uses the job interview letter as a piece of his overall job getting strategy, gets a much higher return on his timeís investment than the first. To join the second group of job seekers, and put out thank you letters which move your candidacy forward, the first step is to pay attention in the interview. The second step is to look at things from the point of view of the interviewer. Paying attention in the interview means going into the interview with the expectation that you will use that interaction later to further your progress towards getting your dream job. Looking at things from the point of view of the interviewer is evaluating your performance from the perspective of that interviewer. In other words, why would that interviewer want you to work with him or her daily? What could you do for him or her?

More Job Interview Letter Strategic Considerations

After your job interview, itís time to put this mindset to work. Chances are, during your interview, your interviewer expressed some excitement or interest in some topics or subjects more than others. Perhaps, that interviewer even expressed some sort of desire or wish, either professional or personal, which was on his or her mind. If you were paying attention to that, and noted it, this is your chance to think of how you could provide some information to the interviewer which would help him or her satisfy that wish, or to learn more about the object of his or her interest. By attaching and including this information with your post interview thank you letter, you differentiate your letter, and yourself, from the typical job seeker.

The information which you provide in the after job interview letter might be as simple as a link to an article, a contact name, or a list of restaurants. But what it does is show that you are attentive, other focused, and a useful person to have around. All of those topics will elevate your status for the job interviewer, and are likely to make him or her look forward to more communication from you, and be more supportive of your candidacy for the job.

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