Job Interview Guide

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

An Amazing Job Interview Guide

Any job interview guide worth following will tell you that the job interview is like a test. Sure, there are techniques that can help you to perform well in the moment, but your final outcome is more likely to be determined by the work that youíve done long before the day of the interview. One area that cannot be overemphasized is research. Imagine that you would be asked to apply and interview for your current position. Chances are, you would go into that interview very confident, and perform amazingly on that job interview. After all, you would know everything that you need to know about the position, as well as how to best sell yourself for it.

A great job interview guide seeks to take you to that same level of confidence and knowledge for the job you are applying for. Though itís not realistic to expect anyone to know as much about a prospective job as they do their current employment, there are three areas which a job candidate should know with a great deal of precision. The first area that a candidate should be knowledgeable on is the job duties; what the job does, where, how and under what circumstances. The second area that a candidate should know intimately is what characteristics, qualifications and attributes the target company values in employees. The third and most important area that a candidate should be knowledgeable is what results the successful employee produces.

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A job interview guide should help you put this knowledge to work. Ultimately, if you know what the target company values and is looking for, then you know more or less what they are going to ask you. And if you know what they are going to ask you, and what they want to hear from you, you have a good start on putting your answers together. As a candidate, your goal should be to package your job history, personal experience, educational achievements, interests, and characteristics in such a way that these elements portray you as the kind of candidate that the target company is looking for. The way to do that is to create stories, examples and persuasive evidence that links your personal experience directly to the various requirements and preferences of the target company.

A job interview guide should also emphasize the importance of practice. Itís not enough to simply have these persuasive stories ready in your head. You must practice in mock interviews until you can tell them naturally and convincingly on command. Video recording these stories would help, as well. Looking at them afterwards, you can see the areas where you are hesitant or less than fully convincing in your stories or delivery. No job interview guide would be complete without some attention paid to the logistics of the interview as well; appropriate dress, showing up on time, letting the interviewer take the lead. Lastly, the guide should help you to do your post interview best as well, including writing a thank you note for the job interview.

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