Job Interview Followup

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Job Interview Followup Secrets

Job interview followup is one of the trickier questions that candidates have for a job. On the one hand, itís important to stay on the interviewerís radar after a job interview, and let him or her know that you are interested until they have made their decision. On the other, no candidate wants to be perceived as too desperate or even worse, as some sort of corporate stalker by the target company. The trick, therefore is finding the happy medium, and balance. Your job followup process should be low-key and respectful, but also consistent and direct. You have a career to develop which is just as important to you as the business that the target company is trying to develop. Whether you wait one day or four months for the job offer isnít important, nearly as much as knowing what the timetable is and being treated respectfully throughout the process.

Job interview followup is particularly important to have planned out because very few jobs will be able to definitively let you know that you have been hired or not on the day of the interview. Typically, the company ahs a hiring process that must be followed which can take quite some time to work through. In many cases, there are complications to the process, too, that create additional delays. Sometimes the delay is a result of a budget issue. Sometimes there are people on vacation that cannot make the hiring decision until they get back. Sometimes, there are company wide hiring freezes that must be waited out. But for whatever reason, it is not unheard of for a candidate to go to a job interview and not receive an answer back for weeks or even months.

Your Job Interview Followup Strategy

If your job interview followup strategy is to sit around and wait for the job offer, you are in serious trouble. After several weeks or months, itís understandable that the impression that you made in the interview, however, positive, is going to fade somewhat. In the meantime the interviewers will have been meeting and speaking with several other candidates who will be more fresh on their mind. If a hiring decision is made, these candidates are more likely to get the nod. There might even be such a delay that the target company decides that you are no longer in the job market anymore, and moves onto newer candidates without even consulting to see if you are still interested.

Consequently, you should make it your business to do job interview followup on a regular basis until a decision has been made. The best way to do this is to pick or find a contact person in the company, someone who has current information about the job interview process and hiring decisions. As you interview, ask who this person is and be sure to get their contact information. After your interview, contact that person every week to ten days in a polite, respectful, curious manner. Explain that you are still interested in the job, available for another meeting, and curious as to the status of the hire. Make it clear that you are not trying to pressure the company, but that you do not want to be forgotten or passed over for this position.

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