Job Interview Follow Up Letter

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Job Interview Follow Up Letter Secrets

When you get to your computer and begin to write your job interview follow up letter, you can write it in one of two ways. The first way is the typical Follow up letter. This letter will send a message of gratitude to the employer, let him or her know that you are still interested into the position and invite that interviewer to contact you again for another interview. Thereís nothing wrong with writing this kind of job interview follow up letter. Itís polite, itís expected, it allows the interviewer to know that you are still interested in the job. It is easy to write and is certainly better than no thank you letter at all.

Writing the other kind of job interview follow up letter requires slightly more work, both during and after the interview. But for that work you get a higher return. Wring a job interview follow up letter that works as a piece of strategic communication will emphasize your strong points with the interviewer, will create a closer relationship between the two of you and will make the interviewer look forward to more communications from you. One method of writing this kind of thank you letter is to use the technique of the informational gift. The informational gift is a piece of information or knowledge that you present the interviewer, with the expectation that he or she will appreciate that information and find it useful.

More Job Interview Follow Up Letter Secrets

If you are correct, and the information you attach or include in your job interview follow up letter does indeed interest the interviewer, you can receive several benefits. First, the interviewer will be impressed. You are a candidate who was able to determine something that the interviewer wanted, and deliver it without being asked or told to do so. Second, you will create a slight relationship with that interviewer. You are not going to become best friends as a result of sending an article link, but you certainly have an edge on the other candidates who sent more impersonal thank you letters. Lastly, you make your communications more valuable to that interviewer. He or she is much more likely to read your future emails and letters now that he or she believes that you might have more valuable information included.

The technique to find this information to put into your job interview follow up letter is quite simple. Simply pay attention to the interviewer. Pay attention to the things that the interviewer says, the way that he or she says them, and the subjects or topics that appear to get his or her attention. These clues will enable you to guess with relative certainty the subjects and topics --- either personal or professional --- which might be interesting to the interviewer. When you send the information in the letter, be sure to explain how you came to send it. For instance, say that you remembered the interviewer mentioned an interest in that subject, and it reminded you of an article which you are now sending.

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