Job Interview Follow-Up

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Job Interview Follow Up Secrets

The effectiveness of your job interview follow up efforts will depend on how you treat that aspect of your job search. If you treat the job interview follow up as the end of your job search efforts, then you are likely to have it turn out to be just that. If, however, you treat the job interview follow up as a continuation of your job interview strategy, then you are likely to have more success with it. Using the job interview follow up as another chance to display your strengths as a candidate is a part of this strategy. So is creating a bit of a relationship between yourself and the interviewer, as is opening the door to additional future talks between the two of you.

The way to leverage the job interview follow up that you would do normally into a more effective communications starts with recognizing the roles that this piece of writing must play. In the first place, the job interview follow up should thank the interviewer for his or her time and attention during the interview. Secondly, the thank you note or email should make clear that the interview made you more interested than ever in the position, and that you are an available, interested and motivated candidate. Thirdly, the thank you note should invite the interviewer to contact you again for more talks and to continue the interview process. Most thank you notes stop there, but you do not have to. One additional task that you can give your job interview follow up include demonstrating your attentiveness to detail, intellectual curiosity and selflessness. The other task is creating a relationship with the interviewer that may make that interviewer welcome further notes from you.

Your Job Interview Follow Up Strategy

Your job interview follow up strategy includes what is known as the “informational gift.” The informational gift is a small tidbit of knowledge, advice, information, or reference material which the interviewer will find of use. This gift sets your job interview follow up above the rest of the notes and emails that the interviewer receives, and demonstrates that you paid very close attention to the interview, and walked away from it with the mission of acting in the interviewer’s bests interests. Most interviewers appreciate that a lot. Furthermore, if the informational gift you provide is of value and service to the interviewer, he or she is very likely to be open to receiving more communications from you in the future.

The informational gift job interview follow up technique is easy to execute. Simply pay attention to the topics or subjects which the interviewer seems to be most interested or excited about during your conversation. Try to think of what kind of informational present might be of interest to that interviewer, and attach that to your note, along with a short reminder of why you are doing so. For instance, “during our talk, you mentioned that you were going to Chicago on a business trip. While visiting there earlier this year, I went to these three restaurants and can recommend them as being some of the best in town. Hope you enjoy your trip.”

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