Job Interview Etiquette

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Job Interview Etiquette Secrets

Job interview etiquette plays an extremely important role in the decision making process for both candidates and employers, an even more important role than it plays among individuals. That’s because both candidates and interviewers are asked to make a very important decision based on an extremely limited amount of information. As a candidate, job that someone takes is a very important decision, whether measured by time invested or how it impacts that person’s future. For an employer, a hiring decision is equally important. The employees not only require investments of time and money, but also are the public face of the company, and ultimately its greatest assets. However both parties are asked to make this decision after very little interaction, causing each to magnify every aspect of that interaction.

For that reason, poor job interview etiquette by either party is likely to be considered a sign of unsuitability by the other. If a candidate fails to shake hands or send a thank you note, it’s likely that the interviewer will likely extend that behavior over their whole personality, and say that that candidate is rude and unprofessional. Likewise if an interviewer keeps the candidate waiting excessively, the candidate is likely to say that the company, as a whole, does not value candidates and probably employees sufficiently. Even if those reactions are rather extreme and fail to take whatever unknown factors caused those etiquette lapses, the lack of chances to make countervailing impressions means that they will probably stick.

More Job Interview Etiquette Advice

For candidates, job interview etiquette means showing up on time, dressing appropriately and following the interviewer’s lead in the interview. Allow yourself to be led to the interviewer’s office, wait to be directed to sit, allow the interviewer to ask questions and respond to those questions. Shake hands firmly upon meeting and again when leaving. Smile often, and show that you have a sense of humor without trying to be a comedian for the interviewer. After the interview, get the business card for everyone that you spoke to. Use that contact information on the card to send each of them a quick email or note thanking them for the time and attention.

For interviewers, job interview etiquette consists of respecting the candidate’s time and energy. Remember that the candidate is judging how well he or she will be treated as an employee by his or her experiences as a candidate. If the candidate has arrived on time, get the interview started on time. Try to put the candidate at ease in the interview, instead of testing how well he or she can handle the pressure of an interview. Remember the things that the candidate says during their interview. Follow up on those statements instead of simply plowing through with your set of questions that you want to ask. After the interview, thank the interview candidate and walk him or her to the next destination. If it is another interview, announce him or her to the next interviewer. If it is out of the office, be sure to see that his or her parking is validated.

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