Job Interview Coaching

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Amazing Job Interview Coaching Tips

Job interview coaching is a great investment for someone who is beginning their new career, like just out of college, and wants to get their big break. For these applicants, a bit of professional coaching about what to expect during the interview process and how to best perform can give them the confidence and tools to succeed in a strange and challenging process. But for the rest of us, those of us who have already been in the work force a while and even been through a fair amount of interviews already, interview coaching may not be quite as valuable. Fact is, most of us already know what happens in an interview. We even know when one is going well and when it is not. What we require more than coaching is advice on how to keep them going well, more consistently, until we get the job.

This kind of job interview coaching can be obtained by our own thinking and practice. It also is more likely to consist of advice to prepare better than ways to change our actual performance during the interview itself. One imaginary scenario that would help you to envision what a well prepared and coached job interview candidate looks like is to imagine that someone would be required to interview for their own job. If that person were asked “Tell me why you should get this job” he or she would have reams of specific, relevant, convincing responses to that question. Namely, they would list the experience they have doing that job, the times they achieved that job’s most highly valued results, and examples of when they displayed that corporate culture’s most desired characteristics.

Job Interview Coaching Considerations

The best job interview coaching anyone could receive would give him or her the kind of insight into the target job that the current employee has. Ultimately, however, coaching cannot provide that insight. Only research can give that level of knowledge about what the employer is looking for. One area where coaching can help is turning that knowledge into the kind of responses that make your interview shine. Essentially, once you know what the interviewer is looking for you know what questions he or she will ask. Namely, the questions that will elicit those facts from you.

Even more importantly to job interview coaching, if you know what the interviewer is looking for you can give him or her the responses you want. Basically, you want to be like that hypothetical employee interviewing for his or her own job, only you will use the experience that you have gained in other jobs as the examples of why you can perform the target job. Ideally, your stories of success in the workplace should be as close as possible to the realities of what the target job requires. That allows the interviewer to have confidence that you can perform the job with a minimum of training and adjustment.

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