Job Interview Attire

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Job Interview Attire Secrets

Picking your job interview attire is one of the least important aspects of your job interview preparation, but one that job seekers seem to put the most emphasis on. Thatís understandable, since it is really one of the most simple actions that a job seeker can take, and one with the most visible effects. Researching the job duties and corporate culture, then formulating persuasive responses to portray themselves as the best possible fit for the job takes time and energy. Picking out or buying an interview outfit is, by comparison, a lot more fun. Still, being appropriately dressed is a vital element to your interview success. The perfect job interview attire wonít necessarily rescue a failed job interview for you, but grossly inappropriate interview wear could well ruin an interview for you.

Luckily, picking out your perfect job interview attire isnít brain surgery. Ultimately, your best rout to success in picking out the right job interview outfit is to look at the outfits that are being worn into the company by existing employees and dressing like that, only a bit more formal and groomed. In the case of most professional business, there is a well-established dress code of professional and business attire. For men that consists of a suit and tie and dress shoes. For women it consists of a pantsuit or skirt and jacket combination. Beyond that general guideline, the details of what to wear to a job interview are more about what NOT to wear into the job interview.

Your Job Interview Attire Strategy

Job interview attire should ideally work as a form of protective camouflage. It should more or less perfectly blend into the existing atmosphere, demonstrating that you understand the corporate culture and environment. For that reason, elements which excessively call attention to themselves are to be avoided. This includes flashy jewelry, bright colors, noticeable hairstyles, and makeup. Though this might sound like you are suppressing your personality, and not showing all that you would bring to the workforce, there is a good reason for it. In an interview, the appearance of the candidate should take a second stage while the preparedness, intelligence and interview performance stars. In essence, during the interview, you are trying to make sure that you are only judged on your abilities and character.

For creative firms and industries, job interview attire might look somewhat different from a financial industry job, but the idea is the same. When the advertising art director shows up at the interview wearing a louder, brighter and more noticeable outfit than the investment banker does to his or her interview, the art director is merely showing that he or she understands the environment that he or she is working in. For an alternatively dressed field or career, the job seeker should do some extra research to make sure that he or she understands the standards and expectations of the people who work in that organization.

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