Job Interview Answer

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Secrets to the Perfect Job Interview Answer

To give the perfect job interview answer, you need to know the answer to these three questions. One, what does the interviewer want to hear? Two, what true information from your past can prove what you are saying? Three, what is the most interesting, vivid and persuasive way to convey that information? Knowing what the interviewer wants to hear is a matter of doing the research needed to discover what is important to the target company. Basically, they are looking for someone who has the experience and training to fulfill the target positionís required tasks as soon as possible, and obtain the target companyís desired results. Additionally, they are looking for someone with the personal characteristics required to grow professionally over time, and to contribute positively to the corporate culture.

When you give the job interview answer, your answer should incorporate information from your past that directly demonstrates that you can perform the tasks, obtain the results, display the characteristics and contribute to the culture. Though this may seem a tall order itís worth the extra effort to put that answer together. To do so, take the research you have done about the company and make a list of the top ten items the company is looking for, specific experience, training, results and character attributes. Look at each one and think of times when you have displayed each of them in the workplace, school or personal realms. Which of those times best matches what you would encounter, or be expected to display, at the target company?

How to Craft your Perfect Job Interview Answer

Write your sample job interview answer by taking that incident and quickly listing the situation, the actions and the results you achieved. Forming your answer in this way creates a vivid, memorable incident that dramatizes behavior the company values. For example, itís common for an interviewer to asks you to describe a time when you displayed leadership at a critical time. From your research of the company, you might have gathered that the target position frequently works under tight time constraints, in small teams that are put together for specific projects, with the desired result of creative, polished solutions that come in before deadline.

Your job interview answer, therefore, might be something like the following: ďMy marketing department was asked to put together a presentation for a road show at the very last minute. This was typical, but what made it so challenging was that my usual co-workers were out on another project, so I had to assemble a team of inexperienced and temporary workers (situation). I spent some time talking to each of them and determined what their strengths and experiences were. I divided up the work, and spread myself throughout the teams, making sure everyone was on the same page (actions). It took a couple of long nights, but the presentation was finished on time, and wound up being part of a very successful sales pitch (results).Ē

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