Job Interview Advice

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Amazing Job Interview Advice

Job interview advice is much like most other kinds of advice that you might receive, like diet advice. The advice that is the most useful is the least exciting, and the advice that is the most exciting is typically the least useful. In the case of diets, advice that tells you to eat sparingly, healthily and burn off plenty of calories through exercise is the most useful advice that you can receive. However, it is not very exciting, is it? People would rather hear some sort of specialized diet, with a lot of rules, and that lets us eat as much as we want. In the case of job interview advice, people seem to want to learn some sort of secret formula for job searching, a way to write resumes or perform in interviews which will allow us to get the job we want without really trying. Unfortunately, the job interview advice that is the least exciting is probably the most useful: learn about what the company needs and think of convincing ways to describe yourself as that.

Though this job interview advice is quite simple, executing it proves to be more challenging than many people are willing to see through. Learning about what the company needs, for example, requires more than going to that companyís website and familiarizing yourself with the basics. Learning about what the company wants requires that you learn about the target job in great detail. You should know what the job description is for that job, what the daily duties are, and what sorts of results are considered successes in the position. Whatís more, you should have an idea about what future growth in responsibilities and duties the job will entail.

More Job Interview Advice

The second piece of job interview advice is to use this information to develop a profile of what the interviewer will be looking for in their next hire. Once you know what the interviewer is looking for, you should be able to make a rough guess of what questions you will be asked in the interview. Namely, the kinds of questions which elicit answers which prove that you are the kind of person that the company is looking to hire. Knowing the desires of the company and the questions the interviewer will ask should allow you to formulate the answers to those questions.

The last piece of job interview advice is to prove your answers, not just give them. Itís not enough just to say that you are good with details, committed to your career and willing to go the extra mile. You need to be able to back those statements up with examples of how you have done all those things in the workplace. Create miniature narratives and examples of all these accomplishments ready to talk about in the interview. To make them even more powerfully convincing, tell them in a way that they mirror or parallel the duties, requirements and desired results of the target job as much as possible.

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