Job Interview

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

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The job interview preparation that you do directly results in a better performance in the interview, which directly increases your chances of getting the job you want. Consequently, if you have a job interview on the way, in order to make the most of your opportunity, begin preparing for that interview as soon as possible. The job interview preparation process can be divided into three parts. The first is learning about the job. The second is adapting your background to that jobís requirements and the third is the logistical decisions that get you into the interview with the highest rate of success.

Learning about the job for the job interview is a process of research. You specifically want to focus on the day to day requirements of the job, the environment that the business operates in, the expectations of a successful employee. Online resources such as trade articles and online message boards used by job seekers are one good source of this information. Another good source is the social network that you may have with knowledge of the target employer. These people who work for that company or in that industry are able to give a more realistic and honest appraisal of the jobís requirements and expectations, as well as more informal information about the culture of the business. You will know that you have done enough research when you feel that you have a complete and accurate picture of what you would do daily at the company, and what sorts of additional responsibilities and accomplishments you would be expected to take on if you made a longer term career at the target company.

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The second step of your job interview preparation is taking that information and making your personal history and professional experience into selling points for why you best match that positionís requirements. Your research should give you the ability to make a list of the most important actions or characteristics which the job requires. One way to think of the job interview process, is that someone is going to ask you whether or not you had those characteristics, how would you prove it to them using your professional and personal history? If attention to detail is an important requirement, then you would want to tell one or more stories about how your attention to detail achieved a result that the target company would want achieved for them. To make those stories vivid and interesting, structure them with clear situations, actions and results.

The last piece of job interview preparation includes preparing for the physical interview. This means picking out your interview clothing and making your transportation arrangements. In both cases, the rule of thumb is to do these things as early as possible. You donít want to be dressing for work that morning and realize that your shirt has a stain on it, or that you canít find both your dress shoes. Neither do you want to be looking for directions while you are on the way to the place.

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