Java J2EE Job Interview Companion

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

The Amazing Java j2ee Job Interview Companion Example

The java j2ee job interview companion is a book written by Arulkumaran Kumaraswamipillai. This book was written to provide sample questions and answers likely to be asked a Java programmer during a job interview. Though the book was written specifically from the viewpoint of someone applying for a job with this specific skill set, the examples and format of this book provide a great example of how to prepare for any job. To write this book, the author did the research to understand what java programmers need to know in order to perform at a high level in their jobs. He correctly assumed that interviewers would be more likely to ask those questions than any other questions. So he created a list of those questions.

What’s more, this author wrote quick summary answers for those questions in the java j2ee job interview companion. Each of those answers gave a quick, concise, summarized answer for that question. These answers are not the kind of thing that would be useful in learning java for the first time, but extremely useful in helping people organize the thoughts already in their head into a more usable and persuasive job interview answer. As a candidate for a job, you can do exactly the same sort of thing for your interview, even if it is not in the computer programming field. Like the author of the java j2ee job interview companion, you should start by thinking about what the job requires and write down the questions that the interviewer would be most likely to ask.

Using The Java j2ee Job Interview Companion

Just like the Java j2ee Job Interview Companion you can write a paragraph or two answer to each of these questions. Unlike this example, these answers are more likely to derive from your personal experience than technical knowledge. For instance, if you determine that the target company values leadership, you might decide that a likely question you would receive would be “How are you at providing leadership?” A one or two paragraph answer for that question would be less technical than the Java j2ee Job Interview Companion’s answers, and more likely to involve an example of your past history in which you took leadership of a project or team.

Though the Java j2ee Job Interview Companion gave its answers in summaries, you should give your answer in narratives of specific events and examples of your on the job success. Boil your answer down to the situation, your actions and your results. For instance on the leadership question, describe the project, describe the crisis that necessitated a leadership action, describe how you took the steps of leadership, and describe the positive results of taking those actions. If you can make all of those elements sound as much like the target job’s as possible, then that is even better. Unlike the Java j2ee Job Interview Companion, you probably will not need to have 400 examples either. Just try to have enough to cover the most important duties, requirements and results of the job.

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