Interview For A Job

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Secrets of how to Interview for a Job

The secret weapon to interviewing for a job is deployed long before the job interview begins. The secret to success in the job interview is getting the most detailed and strategic concept of the job in your head before going into the job interview. That knowledge, specifically of what daily duties the job requires, what attributes the corporate culture values and what results the company most desires, is what you would use to formulate the answers that would get you the job you want. To get a clear image of how important this is, imagine that you are required to interview for the job that you currently perform, one that you have worked at for some time already.

When you go into the interview for a job you already perform, you have no fear or nervousness. There are no questions that could throw you. You know that you are supremely experienced and qualified, and merely wait for a chance to show that off. Whatís more, your answers are very strategic. Since you know the attributes that the company values, you are sure to highlight those in your personality. Since you know what results the company values above all others, you are sure to talk about those in your answers. In short, you use your interview to create a specific, persuasive, convincing, strategic impression based on your accurate knowledge of the job requirements. That is exactly how you should interview for any job you truly want to get hired for.

More How to Interview for a Job Considerations

Itís never going to be as easy to interview for a job that youíre not familiar with as it is for one that you are, so your first order of business is to learn about the target job. Read as much as you can in published sources, but also spend some time talking to people who have knowledge of the company. These might be people who work in that field or who work for that company specifically. Your areas of focus should be the job duties, the corporate culture and the results they respect the most. When you have a clear idea of these, then you should begin creating stories which highlight those valued aspects of your character and experience.

The best way to prepare for the job interview is to create a series of stories which accent and emphasize the important elements that the interview will seek to uncover. Stories are better than simple answers because they provide both proof that you are telling the truth and because they are more vivid. After all, anyone can say that they have an attribute or type of experience, but having a story about it makes it more likely to be true. As you tell your stories, the more similar you can make the situation, your actions and your results to the open position the better. Ideally, you would like for the interviewer to hear your story and imagine you performing exactly that same action in the target job and achieving those exact same results.

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