How To Prepare for Interviews

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The job interview is the most important part of the selection process for employers. They do look at other areas to determine the best potential employee, but the interview can either make or break the deal. If you have a job position you really want you need to prepare for the job interview.


The best way to impressive a possible employer is to be knowledgeable about the company. Almost every company has a website; visit the site and learn about the company’s history, goals, beliefs, and if possible the responsibilities of different job positions. You will be able to use this knowledge during the interview process and it will impress the interviewer. You can even use the information to ask questions. The more you know about the company the better impression you will make.


Practice makes perfect. It is difficult to do, but the best way to prepare is to look in the mirror and evaluate your facial expressions and your body language. You can find possible interview questions here (insert link to interview questions on job bank). Review these questions and practice your answers in the mirror. Employers are looking for strength and confidence. The best way to prove you are a confident employee is to look the interviewer straight in the eye. If you can maintain direct eye contact you will exude strength. This is very difficult for many people in the beginning, but if you practice it the skill will be a great asset. Find a friend or a relative and practice looking them in the eye.

Create a List of your Skills & Qualifications

Anytime you have a discussion with someone you will forget to mention things. People get caught up in conversation and although they may be telling themselves, “Oh, I want to mention this…” they may forget it. If you have a list it will be much easier to include all the information you feel is important. An interviewer may ask you what skills you have that match up with the job opening; a list will allow you to answer quickly and confidently.

Prepare a Professional Outfit
Plan ahead and make sure you have a professional looking outfit for the interview. You may need to shop for a few items; if you need to shop do so a few days ahead of time. Make sure you have the right shoes, minimal jewelry, items for well-groomed hair, deodorant, socks/hose, portfolio/briefcase etc. Have everything you need laid out or prepared the night before. Preparing for an interview is nerve-wracking enough. If you wake up and everything is all ready it will reduce the amount of stress you will feel. God forbid you can’t a shoe or a matching sock; preparing the day before allows you to be prepared and it reduces stress. In addition to preparing your clothing, you need to make sure you have enough gas in your vehicle and that you have paper, pens, business cards, and a copy of your resume in your portfolio/briefcase. Again, do this the day before and all you have to do is stick it in you car so it will be ready for the following day.

Get Directions and a Map

If you have the address for the interview you can get a map off the Internet. If you use MapQuest or Yahoo Maps you will get street-by-street directions and the estimated amount of time it will take to arrive (ETA). Play close attention to the ETA and consider the traffic in your city. Will you need to pass my schools that may slow down traffic? Are there traffic obstacles on the way? Give yourself an extra 20 minutes. You need to walk in a few minutes early anyway, so leave a little early. If you arrive 15-20 minutes early you can take time to review your resume, calm you nerves, check your hair, and make sure you have fresh breath before you walk in. Extra time is always a benefit.

Eat Breakfast/Lunch

Do not skip a meal before an interview. Nerves often play apart in the interview process and your blood sugar dropping in the middle of an interview will only make things worse. Make sure you have eaten and have sufficient hydration before an interview.

If you take the time to prepare for an interview you will reduce stress and be more impressive during the interview process.

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