How To Prepare For A Job Interview

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Secrets of How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Many how to prepare for a job interview advice books approach the interview as if it is some sort of test or contest which the interviewer must prepare for independently of his job and his life. These books try to give specific tactics and tips to go into the interview and answer questions in a why which will receive the result that you want. Though these tips and tricks might have some use, the approach of these books is all wrong. Rather than a test, a job interview is a showcase for you. You have been preparing for your job interview your whole career, racking up successes, experiences and lessons which you only need to convey in a persuasive manner to get the job that you want.

For a mental exercise of how to prepare for a job interview, imagine that there was some kind of mix-up in your HR department and for some reason you would be required to interview for your own current position. How would you go about preparing yourself for that interview. Chances are you would think back to your evaluations and performance reviews and pick out all the goals, accomplishments and results which you had been recognized for achieving. When you went into the interview, you would basically say something along the lines of “here are the results which the company finds most important. Listen to how well I have achieved these results for you.” You should prepare for your job interview with another company so that you can basically go in and say the same thing.

Amazing How to Prepare for Job Interview Advice

Since you don’t work for your target company, knowing how to prepare for a job interview takes a bit more thought. Go to the printed word and your social network to see if you can get a clear sense of what is important for that company. What characteristics are they looking for? What are the daily requirements of the job? What sorts of additional tasks and duties will the job require if you make a career there? Most importantly of all, what are the results which are the most valued at this company, and likely to make the company believe that an employee is a success. When you go into the interview, you will want to convincingly demonstrate all these elements.

Just as you knew how to prepare for a job interview for your own job with examples of your successes and results, that is how you want to prepare for your dream job interview. Have examples of the kinds of results, accomplishments, characteristics and achievements that the target company desires already developed in your mind. When you are prompted by the interviewer, be sure to provide these examples, giving the situation, actions and results for each of these examples. Try your best to make the situations, actions and results match the situations, actions and results of the target job as closely as possible. That will mean that as you describe your past success, you are also describing how well you would perform in the target job.

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