How To Dress For A Job Interview

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Secrets of Knowing How to Dress for a Job Interview

Knowing how to dress for a job interview is one of those things that canít help you very much in the job interview process, but not knowing how to dress can hurt you a lot. Itís not likely that youíd ever hear an interviewer say ďthe candidate didnít know anything about the industry, the company or even the job. He has no experience, is stupid and has a bad attitude. But damn. Did you see that great suit? Heís hired.Ē However, it is very likely to hear an employer say that someone has good experience but ďthey donít appear to be a fit into the corporate culture.Ē What this means, most of the time, is that the interviewer didnít like something about what the person looked like, which includes how they dressed for a job interview.

Knowing how to dress for a job interview mostly requires knowing how the other people in that office dress. For most companies and industries, that means knowing how to dress in a professional manner. For men, this is simple. Wear a nice dark suit, a conservative suit, a tie that matches, and dress shoes. For women itís a little more complicated, but not much. Professional looking skirt, jackets, pantsuits and outfits are easily selected. Knowing what NOT to wear is just as important as knowing what to wear. As a general rule, the point of the job interview attire is to not draw attention to itself. When the interviewer sees the job interview outfit, ideally he or she only makes the note that it is appropriate for the office, clean, flattering and makes the applicant look professional.

More How to Dress for a Job Interview Secrets

That means that when considering how to dress for a job interview, the applicant should not consider the interview a chance to put on flashy colors, shiny jewelry, garish makeup, edgy haircuts or any other obvious signs of individuality. There may be a time and place for individuality of appearance in the workplace, but that time is not into the job interview. The job interview is a time when the appearance of the applicant takes a back seat to his or her personality, intelligence and responses to the questions.

Knowing how to dress for an interview in a more fashionable or unique job environment follows more or less the same principles. Again, the point is to show you understand the environment, and can be a part of it. The only difference is that in a field like fashion design or advertising, showing up for the job interview in a suit would be like showing up for a job at an investment bank in a tuxedo. Itís too formal, it stands out and announces that you donít understand the environment. Consequently, applicants should do some investigation before the interview and wear something that more or less matches the rest of the office, but is slightly more formal and put together.

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