How To Ace A Job Interview

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

How to Ace a Job Interview

Learning how to ace a job interview could be one of the more lucrative job skills that a person could teach themselves. This knowledge will pay for itself time and time again, both in getting new and better paying jobs but in the kinds of internal interviews and conversations which will gain you greater responsibilities and rewards within your job. Knowing how to answer the question in an interview situation doesn’t take any sort of magic power. As a general rule, this ability comes down to two factors; knowing what the interviewer wants to hear and being able to give that to the interviewer.

This does not necessarily mean that knowing how to ace a job interview means knowing how to make things up and tell lies to the interviewer. What it means is taking the history that you have generated in your life and work experiences so far and using that history to create convincing reasons for why you can do the job that you are interviewing for. Naturally, the first step of this process is knowing what the interviewer wants and that may very well require some research. At the very least, before you go into a job interview you should have a clear and complete idea of what the daily duties of the job are, what results the company wants to see the target job achieve, and what personal attributes the target company’s corporate culture best values. These are the topics that the interviewer will be most likely to focus on in the interview. As you go over this list of duties, results and attributes, ask yourself this question “If I had to prove through my past behavior that I could do, produce and be all of these desired elements, what examples would I use?”

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Knowing how to ace a job interview more or less consists of being able to produce those behaviors and examples into your job interview answers when needed. One powerful method to do this is to turn these examples into a story that highlights and dramatizes your abilities, results and attributes. Compared to simple, static yes and no answers, these stories perform have multiple advantages. For one thing, these stories help the interviewer to visualize and imagine you performing those behaviors for himself in a vivid and memorable way. For another, they provide proof that convinces the interviewer that you are not merely saying what you want him or her to believe, but are relaying accurate and relevant information about your job history.

To really know how to ace the job interview, combine these previous techniques together. In other words, tell stories about your job and personal history in such a way that your actions match very closely with what is desired and required on the target job. In other works, use the research that you did to help shape your stories. Make your situation, your actions and your results appear as if they could have happened at the target job. That means that the interviewer will visualize your story as if you were working on the target job, and excelling at it. That’s the very definition of acing the interview.

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