Good Job Interview

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Secrets to a Good Job Interview

Like most successful life events, a good job interview is not something that just happens. Itís something that you just make happen. The way you do that is by preparing ahead of time. One area of preparation is learning as much as possible about the target job. One mental image to help you understand the importance of this preparation is to imagine if a current employee would be forced to interview for their existing job. During that interview, the employee would have a great job interview. He or she would know exactly what the interviewer was looking for, and know exactly how to provide it in a way that would be the most impressive and convincing.

In this good job interview, the current employee would go into the interview with inside knowledge about three specific areas. First, the employee would know about the daily tasks of the job, and what is required to perform them well. Second, the employee would know what results the company valued most. Third, he or she would know what characteristics or attributes the companyís corporate culture valued the most. As you prepare for your job interview, your goal should be to get as much knowledge as you can about these three areas as well. If possible, as much as a current employee might have. Just as important as knowing what is important to the interviewer, though, this current employee would know how to present that in the interviewer.

More Good Job Interview Advice

This current employee would give a good job interview by providing examples of his or her experience, results and characteristics in ways that would most impress the interviewer. He or she would give the incidents, examples and anecdotes what would speak most directly to what the interviewer is looking for in a candidate. As you prepare for your job interview, follow this example and create anecdotes which directly parallel or mirror the realities of the target job. As you tell these stories, with situations, actions and results identical to the target jobís situations, actions and results, the interviewer comes to believe that you are qualified for the position. As a matter of fact, he or she begins to imagine you performing competently and grows confidence in your suitability.

When you know what the job requires, and have some stories ready that can represent you as having those attributes, the last part of a good job interview is the mechanical parts. Showing up on time is important, as is dressing appropriately for the position. During the interview, smile a lot, make eye contact and be sure to let the interviewer take the lead at the beginning of the conversation. Get a business card from the interviewer as you leave and use that contact information to write a quick thank you note for the interview. In that note, be sure to emphasize that you are still very interested in the position and that you are open to more interviews and conversations.

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