Free Job Interview Questions

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Free Job Interview Questions Revealed

The problem with free job interview questions is that they tend to be too general and broad to assist an interviewer in preparing for a specific job. When you go into an interview for a job, that interviewer will evaluate you based on whether or not you can perform the specific tasks of that position. Consequently, the questions that he or she asks you will be targeted to evaluate that positions required skills, experience and desired results. By contrast, when a website writes a lot of free interview questions to put online, that website is likely to only write the most general and broad questions possible, the kind that would be of interest to the most job seekers.

As a result, unless you just happen to be lucky and find a free job interview questions website with questions for the exact kind of job you are interviewing for, it is likely to be of minimal use. Luckily, the solution is to write your own questions. After all, what kind of job interview questions is the interviewer going to ask you? Questions that are designed to determine if you have the required skills and desired experience to do the job you are interviewing for. If you know what those required skills are and what those desired experiences are, you can guess ahead of time what you will be asked. Unlike the generic and generalized questions that you might find on a website, those questions will be specifically targeted to the exact joy you are interviewing for.

Free Job Interview Questions Advice

The first step to writing our free job interview questions is researching the target job and company. At the very least you need to know the job description, the job’ day to day duties, the results that the job is expected to achieve and the characteristics that the company values in an employee. When you have a clear and complete idea of all these elements, simply create a list of the top ten or fifteen things that the company is looking for. Chances are good that you will be asked questions that seek to determine whether you have these desired skills, experiences and characteristics. Converting this list into sample questions is simply a process of adding “tell me about a time that you did (blank)” or “Would you say that you are (blank)” and so on.

When you have written out your free job interview questions, then you can start preparing your answers. You are already a step ahead because you know exactly what the interviewer is hoping the answer will be to these questions. The best way to answer these questions is to turn your existing experience and attributes into examples of times when you acted or behaved like the company values in an employee. Making these stories sound as similar as possible to the target job helps your efforts to sell your experience. Ideally, the interviewer should hear a story of your success and believe that it could have happened at the target job.

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