Dressing For A Job Interview

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Success Secrets -- Dressing for a Job Interview

Many job seekers stress more about dressing for a job interview than they do about preparing themselves to answer the questions they will be asked in that job interview. This is, in a word, silly. What you wear to your job interview is important, granted, but it is not something that you can build your success on. All that it does is prevent you from failing for that reason. To put it another way, very few interviews end with the hiring manager saying “Well, that candidate was completely unqualified, intellectually deficient and academically unprepared for the job. But did you look at that suit? He’s hired!” It is, however, much more likely that a candidate who is dressed inappropriately might be downgraded in their evaluation because he or she does not appear to “fit into the corporate culture.”

For this reason, dressing for a job interview should be seen as an exercise in risk avoidance. When you pick out your interview clothes, you aren’t so much dressing to impress anyone with your style as much as you are dressing not to offend anyone and to fit into the environment of the interview. As superficial as this sounds, that is the compromise that each employee makes when he or she joins a large and structured organization. In order to take advantage of the benefits of a large, organized, disciplined organization of other people, every person in that group must be willing to give up some of the benefits of individualization.

More Dressing for a Job Interview Advice

Dressing for a job interview in an appropriate manner indicates that the candidate understands the corporate culture that he or she wants to work in, and that he or she is willing to abide by its rules. This reassures the management of the corporation that the candidate will be someone who is worth expending the time and effort to make a member of the organization. In most corporate setting, appropriate job interview attire is the business professional code of dress. For men, this means a suit and tie. For women, this means a pantsuit or a jacket and skirt.

For men and women dressing for a job interview means toning down the color, cut and flashiness of the clothing. Again, the point is to look as much like the people in the office as possible, only a little bit more formally dressed. These rules also apply to the makeup, jewelry, and hairstyles of applicants as well. For industries that are a little more fashionable, such as advertising and fashion, the specifics might change a bit. For instance, it’s probably more acceptable to go into a fashion magazine job wearing a bit more of an avant-garde look than it is to go into a bank. But the principle is the same. You want to look more or less just like the people already working there, as a visual symbol of how well you are going to fit into the organization.

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