Dress For Job Interview

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

How To Successfully Dress for a Job Interview

Beginning job seekers frequently spend a great deal of time and energy thinking and worrying about how they will dress for job interview. As they continue their career, and going on job interviews they soon learn that this is an important, but hardly life-changing set of decisions to make. Above all, the lesson of dressing for a job interview is not to wear anything that would stand out in either a good or bad way. The way you dress for a job interview serves a few simple purposes. First, it shows that you are a well-groomed, presentable person who knows how to look professional. This is important to a company to keep lunatics and homeless people from working at their office. Second, the way you dress offers proof that you understand the nature of the environment, and can fit into it easily.

When you dress for job interview in a way that stands out, either as less formal or more formal, you violate that second principle. The interviewer, subconsciously or consciously sees that you look different from the rest of the office and might take that as a clue that you would not easily become a part of their team. For that reason, before you go on a job interview itís a good idea to do a little preliminary investigation to see what the formal and informal office dress code is. For most professional offices, the safest way to go is the style of dress known as business professional. That is an easy code to meet, too. Most of us have experience dressing up in this way, and any clothing salespeople you get to help you will have plenty of advice as well.

More Tips to Dress for Job Interview Success

When you dress for job interview in the business professional dress code, the name of the game is to be as crisp and clean and classic as you possibly can be. For men this means a dark suit, solid light colored shirts, a nice tie, dress shoes and a belt that matches those shoes. For women, a crisp and professional pantsuit or jacket skirt combination fills the same niche. As you accessorize, the name of the game is to be as simple as possible. Men and women alike should avoid flashy jewelry, bright colors and strong scents. Women should wear their makeup as lightly and simply as they can. Even though this might seem boring to you, and a reflection of someone you are not, remember that itís only for the interview and your primary goal is not to offend or stimulate anyone.

The one dress for job interview exception to the professional business code is a creative or artistic field. Advertising, fashion and publishing for instance frequently have their professionals dress in a way that seems a bit more fashionable, comfortable and edgy than banks and other institutions. In these companies, showing up in a suit and tie might be just as inappropriate as showing up at a bank wearing a tuxedo. For this reason, the best solution to avoid an embarrassing mistake is to spend the time and energy researching the dress code of the individual company before the interview.

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