Dress For A Job Interview

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Secrets to Dress for Job Interview Success

The secret to dress for job interview success isnít much of a secret at all. It is basically the simple advice to dress more or less exactly like all the people who are already working in that office, only a little bit nicer. The important thing to remember about dressing for your job interview is that you are not dressing to win, you are dressing not to lose. In other words, our efforts should be aimed not so much at impressing anyone as towards not offending anyone or attracting a great deal of attention to yourself. In practice that means two things. The first is to dress as similarly to the others in the office as possible. The second is to avoid any flashy, noticeable or distinctive elements to your job interview attire.

Though this philosophy of how to dress for a job interview might sound unimaginative, boring or anti-individualistic, there is a strong and valid reason for this kind of corporate thinking. A corporation is an organization of many different people, all agreeing to work under agreed upon rules for agreed upon rewards. In this kind of environment, itís important that everyone understands and is in accord with that basic concept. The dress code is a visual symbol of that agreement. By showing up for the job interview in an outfit that accurately matches what the existing employees wear, you are signaling two things. The first is that you are aware of the nature of the organization, and what its values are. The second is that you are willing to live under those values yourself.

Dress for a Job Interview -- Doís and Doníts

When you dress for a job interview in ways that deviate from the companyís corporate culture, you signal that you either donít understand the nature of the corporation you are interviewing at or that you are unwilling to live under its rules. For some individuals, possessing certain qualities and in specific positions, this may or may not be that big an issue. For instance, if Albert Einstein went to work for a research laboratory, chances are he would be able to get away without wearing a tie to the job interview. But for most of us, who lack those kind of attributes, it is safer and more effective to simply play along for the rules to get the job offer that we want.

Another exceptional case for knowing how to dress for a job interview is if you are applying for a job that puts a great deal of emphasis on creativity and individuality. For instance if you were going to work as a creative at an ad agency, or to be a photographer at a fashion magazine, you would not necessarily want to show up for your job interview in a suit and tie. Doing that might show that you donít understand your companyís corporate culture, or show that you lack the proper creative mindset for that particular job.

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