Common Job Interview Questions

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Secrets to Answering Common Job Interview Questions

The secret to answering common job interview questions isn’t much different from answering all kinds of job interview questions. As an applicant, in a job interview you want to answer each question twice. The first answer is the specific answer to whatever question the interviewer asked you. The second answer is the answer to the hidden question that the interviewer is really asking, namely “can you come in here and do this job successfully for us?” Answering the first question is easy. You’re only pulling information from your own head for that one. Answering the second question is considerably more difficult. You need to know what the job in question is, what it requires, and how to adequately prove that you can do it.

Consider what these common job interview questions mean in both of these senses. “Where do you see yourself professionally in five years?” What this interview question is really asking is: “Do you really want to be in this field, or is this just something you’re trying? Are you ambitious? Are you motivated? Have you paid enough attention to this job to know what the career path is?” Whatever answer you give needs to be able to answer those hidden questions in a way that gets you the job. In a similar fashion, the common job interview question of “are you good with details?” is really asking “could you pay extremely close attention to things even after they have become incredibly boring to you?” When you answer that question, you want to be able to address the hidden question as well and reassure the interviewer that you can do just that. In fact, you want to tell the interviewer about times when you have done that, in situations similar or identical to those that you would face on the target job.

More Common Job Interview Questions Strategy

Bearing this in mind, it’s a good idea to learn as much about the common job interview questions as you can. At the very minimum you should learn what the day to day duties of the job are, what the corporate culture values most and what results the company considered evidence of success. You can find some of this information in printed and online publications. Some of it may need to come from someone who is familiar with the industry, field or company. Think back in your career and try to remember times when you carried out these duties, participated in a similar corporate culture, or achieved these results.

As you are asked these common job interview questions you want to answer that question using these examples of your success. Give the situation, your actions and the results you achieved. Do so in a way that makes the story that you tell as similar as possible to the realities of the target job. That will allow the interviewer to have the ultimate question, whether or not you can come in and do the job immediately, answered in the affirmative.

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