Answers To Job Interview Questions

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Amazing Answers to Job Interview Questions

The best answers to job interview questions are the answers that not only address the specific issue that the question asks, but also the secondary, secret question that is not openly asked. For example, the common interview question of “where do you see yourself professionally in five years?” is a superficial question about a candidate’s career plans. But beneath the surface, this question is really asking a lot of other questions as well, like “Are you stable? Do you really want to be in this business? Are you ambitious enough to work hard for us? Are you in this job for the long haul? Are you the kind of person who sets long term goals?” Knowing what the question is really asking really helps you answer it in the most effective and productive way.

You can do a better job giving these answers to job interview questions when you know as much as possible about the job that you are being interviewed for. That gives you a much clearer sense of what is being asked, why, and what the desired response should be. To get this information you need, the secret is research. You can do some of this research, by looking at published and online pieces about the target company. But this research should be supplemented by research done in person, by asking people who have worked in that company or industry before. These people can give a more accurate and informal sense of how things really work, and what characteristics, attributes and results the company really wants in is employees.

More Answers to Job Interview Questions

When you know what the job requires, and what the company wants you can give your answers to job interview questions more strategically. Essentially, you will answer the spoken question that you are asked, and also answer the unspoken question, which is “do you have the experience, characteristics and attributes that we are looking for?” The key to convincingly answering this question is having plenty of examples and stories of times when you have exhibited the desired characteristics, shown the desired attributes or performed the required actions. If the interviewer prompts you to provide these experiences, then eagerly do so, as you have prepared and practiced to do. If you are not specifically asked to provide these experiences, do so anyway.

Answers to job interview questions which go above and beyond the specifically asked question are welcomed by the interviewer if they address and satisfactorily answer the kinds of secondary, hidden, real questions in that interviewer’s mind. As a general rule, prove the situation that you exhibited the valued behavior, the actions that you took to exhibit the valued behavior and the positive results that that valued behavior obtained. The more you can make those elements match the same elements in the target job the better your answers to job interview questions.

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