After The Job Interview

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

After the Job Interview Secrets

For many job seekers, their after the job interview plans go about as far as to write a thank you note to the interviewer, then wait. Unfortunately for these candidates, this strategy doesn’t move their chances of hiring forward by much. A thank you note, by itself, is nice to receive but most interviewers don’t pay much attention to them. And waiting around for the interviewer to finally get around to calling you back takes a rather passive approach, when you should be actively pursuing your dream job. Instead of taking this typical path, the truly motivated job seeker will invest some time and energy to set himself or herself apart from the crowd. What’s more, he or she will create a strategy to remain visible to the interviewer until a hiring decision has been made.

After the job interview, the first thing that a candidate should do is take a business card from the interviewer. This card contains the contact details that the interviewer will need for the other contacts that the candidate will make. The second task of the e candidate is to write notes about what kind of subjects the interviewer appeared to be the most interested in during the talk. These subjects could have been business related or deal with some personal interest of the interviewer. Essentially, these subjects would be your best guess about what the interviewer might be interested in learning new information or tips about from you.

Your After the Job Interview Strategy

When you write your after the job interview thank you note, you will use this information to guide you to a piece of information which you can include as a small informational gift. This gift could be something so in depth as a publication related to the subject that you jotted down, or as simple as a list of restaurants or a contact name and number for a business. But whatever it is, the point of the exchange is to showcase how conscientious you are, to show how unselfish you are, and to teach the interviewer that communications from you are worth paying attention to because they contain rewarding information.

In your after the job interview letter, introduce this information in a natural way that explains why you sent it. Something like “during our interview you mentioned the new technology initiative at your company. That reminds me of an article I recently read about a company that used similar technology to improve their processes. I hope you find it as interesting as I did.” If you do not hear back from the employer in a timely manner, after a week or two, feel free to make a quick call or note to whoever is in charge of the hiring process at the target company. Typically, this is someone in Human Resources, but it could be someone else including the person you interviewed with. Politely introduce yourself and remind them of who you are. Say that you are still very interested in the job, but had not received word of the state of your candidacy.

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