After A Job Interview

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

What Do You Do After a Job Interview?

After a job interview is your final chance to you’re your candidacy forward for your dream job. If you’ve been serious and committed about your pursuit of this new job, there are a lot of things which you should have done by now. You’ve researched the company and learned what it values and wants in a job candidate. You’ve prepared answers for likely interview questions that highlight your suitability for the job. You’ve practiced giving those answers and performed well in the interview. Now that the interview is over you still have one more task to fulfill. Your last piece of job search work is to thank the interviewer for his or her time, express continued interest in the position and to invite further conversation.

What’s more after a job interview you want to impress upon the interviewer your strong points, create a closer relationship with him or her and make your future communications more valuable. The tool to accomplish all of these tasks is the post interview thank you letter. This letter, which you should write as soon as possible after the interview should go something like this: “Dear Interviewer. Thanks for your time and attention during our interview on Tuesday. I really enjoyed learning more about the company and the position. I’m more interested than ever in this opportunity. Please feel free to connect me again at any time so that we can move forward with the interview process.”

More After a Job Interview Advice

The after a job interview letter can take it a step further though. By referring to something which interested the interviewer during the interview, and including some sort of informational gift related to that, you can make your thank you letter perform other strategic tasks as well. For instance, if the interviewer expressed some sort of interest in a new project at work, or a hobby which you put on your resume, or some other topic or subject either personal or professional, it’s likely that he or she would enjoy receiving an informational gift about that topic or subject. That could be something as simple as a link to an article, a contact name, or a list that you compile yourself.

Whatever it is, adding it to your after a job interview letter shows that you pay attention to others and that you execute afterwards. Both of these are very valuable qualities in an employee. Furthermore, the interviewer believes that you are a source of useful information in the future, so are more likely than before to pay close attention to your future communications. This is especially important if there is a long delay between the interview and the hiring decision. Lastly, this informational gift creates a slight relationship between you and the interviewer. It’s not likely that he or she would donate a kidney to you because of this little informational present, but it certainly does elevate you from the other candidates going for the same job.

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