Academic Job Interview

By: Jimmy Sweeney

Author of the brand new "Job Interview Secret"

Academic Job Interview Secrets

An academic job interview is similar to any other job interview. The job goes to the person who is able to best convince the interviewer that he or she is able to come in and do the job. In an academic job interview, like any other kind of job interview, that can come down to learning as much as possible about the target job. To create a mental image that shows the importance of knowing about the target job, imagine that you would have to interview for the current job you have. Going into that interview, you are prepared to excel, since you know the duties, the cultural values, the desired results and the personalities of the target organization. As you answer the questions in the job interview, you can strategically portray yourself in the way that will match what you know the target organization wants.

An academic job interview is very similar. Before you go into the interview, you should know as much as you can about the organization and personalities as possible. Exactly what are the duties that the job is expected to do, both formally and informally? What kind of people does the target school tend to hire? What kinds of activities and accomplishments does the school consider indicative of success? As you prepare for that interview, you should make your presentation of yourself match these desired characteristics and results to the best of your ability.

More Academic Job Interview Secrets

The key to success in an academic job interview is packaging your job and personal experience in a way that matches the requirements and preferences of the target organization. One great way to do this is to tell personal stories that highlight the attributes and results that you know that the target organization is interested in. Create miniature narratives that address the important requirements and results of the target job. Work on being able tell those in a natural, organic and vivid way when you are asked about your experience. The goal is to allow the hiring decision maker to visualize you performing those duties successfully as you tell the story. Since you have formulated the story to match the required job’s duties and results as exactly as possible, that means that the interviewer is also imagining you performing the target job as well.

One area where the academic job interview is different is the level of personal discretion that can be applied. In the private industry, performance is measured and graded on factors that ultimately can be expressed with business results, and money that is either generated through business activities or spent on business activities. In the academic world, that metric is not applicable to the tasks of research and teaching. Consequently, individual decision makers take on a more powerful role to decide who is a good hire and who is not. For that reason, a key piece of the research of the academic job should be to discover who will interview and what their personal preferences and tendencies might be.

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