Employers cannot ask the following questions before you are hired (on the application or in the interview). If you feel you have been discriminated against, the U.S. Department of Labor will investigate your claim. See your local Job Service for a complaint form.

Personal Data
Date of birth?
Marital Status?
Male or Female?
Place of Birth?
Length of time at permanent address?
Ever arrested? (May be applicable for some positions.)

Education and Training
Circle the last year completed.
Date last attended?
Date you did or will graduate?

Military Service
Type and conditions of discharge?

Physical and Health Data
Do you now have or have you ever had...(followed by checklist)
Are you disabled?
Nature and severity of your disability?
Have you ever filed a worker's compensation claim?
Do you have any impairment that would affect your ability to perform this job?
Do you require ongoing medical treatment?
Will you require medical leave?

Work History
Name used while employed?

Nearest living relative?
In case of emergency, please notify...
Languages spoken, read, or written? (Unless the ability to do so has a direct relationship to the job and is considered a business necessity.)

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