A Quick Lesson in How to Write a Resume Cover Letter

By Jimmy Sweeney Author of the brand new, "Amazing Cover Letter Creator."

Knowing How to Write a Resume Cover Letter is a Learned Skill

There are many skills you can acquire in life that will simply make things dramatically easier for you in the long run. You can learn to balance a checkbook, how to iron a shirt, or how to change a tire on your car. These, among many others will at one or other time in your life make the difference between having a good day or a bad one. By the same token, securing a good career can depend entirely on whether you can learn how to write a resume cover letter.

Your resume is something that you should keep up to date and as such, it is something that we all tend to spend some time on, every few months. It is somewhat paradoxical however that though we undertake that task specifically for the purpose of being able to apply for a great job should on come along, most people fail to invest any time whatsoever in learning how to writer a resume cover letter. They simply attach any old document – including some of the wretched examples that can be downloaded for free from the Internet – to their carefully and lovingly honed resume, and expect that they will be taken seriously.

More on How to Write a Resume Cover Letter

It is almost tragic that no matter how excellent your resume is, and no matter how ideally suited your skills are to those required by your prospective employer, they are almost certain to be ignored by any HR manager simply because of the weak cover letter. The reasons for this are many and varied – ranging from the scorn of the HR manager for any cover letter that doesn't match their list of criteria, to the sheer time pressures under which these people constantly operate, that prevent them from trying to extract the information they need from your resume. The task therefore is to spend almost as much time on your cover letter as you do on your resume, so that you are able to prΘcis the most important parts that you know will be most likely to generate interest from the reader.

What that means is that learning how to write a resume cover letter is a lot like trying to introduce yourself in a very short space of time. When you consider that the HR manager isn't even going to get into a longer conversation with your resume until they have decided they want to get to know you by way of a short introduction through your cover letter, it is critical that you can get this right. Central to that process is ensuring that the information in your cover letter relates very closely to both the job you are applying for and the specifics of your skill set that will enable you to do that job. In effect, make it a marketing tool in which your skills are the product on offer. Think about reasons that the HR manager would like to invest in those skills. Like in marketing campaigns, generic information will utterly fail to ignite any spark of excitement, but specific information can be made to feel just right.

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