Goal setting is a skill. The most successful people in the world realize the importance of being goal-oriented. They have a clear vision of the future and they are committed to achieving their goals in all aspects of their lives.

Setting quality goals require:
1. Balance
2. Basing them on your priorities
3. Being positive
4. Being specific and clear
5. A clear picture (being able to visualize results)
6. Personal accountability
7. Keeping them personal and to yourself
8. Being realistic

You can set goals in all areas of your life:
*Mental Health
*Physical Health
*Leisure Activities
*Job or Occupation

Attaining your Goal
1. Set a goal
2. Design an affirmation to address your solutions to bring about the desired achievement. 3. List incentives that would help you be motivated toward attainment of the goal.
4. List all the barriers that would prevent you from achieving your goal.
5. List all the solution on how you would overcome these barriers.

Once our goals are clearly defined, the brain uses what is known as the reticular activating system (a group of cells that function as a screening system, which increase our ability to solve problems) to work on the solution.

A goal not written down is simply a wish.

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