Why the Free Sample Resume Cover Letter Is Worth Every Penny

By Jimmy Sweeney Author of the brand new, "Amazing Cover Letter Creator."

It’s a Free Resume Cover Letter Sample Because It’s Worthless

A free sample resume cover letter is about as useful to a serious job applicant as a shopping list is. If you are going to attach one to your resume, you may as well attach the other for all the good it is going to do you. Or your to-do list for they day before yesterday for that matter. Because the very nature of a great cover letter is that it performs a set of tasks that are totally beyond the scope of a free sample resume cover letter no matter how the creators of that cover letter may try to convince you otherwise. They may claim on their Web site that this cover letter will give you the edge when it comes to applying for a job, but what they fail to mention is that the edge in question is the edge of the curb, which is where you will remain throughout the hiring process.

Hiring managers hate these things. They hate them because they make their day mundane and boring and because they make their jobs significantly harder. In order to understand this fully, perhaps you need to think about why it is that hiring managers demand a cover letter with your resume in the first place. It isn't because it makes it look nice – although making your cover letter a striking, hard to miss document isn't a bad idea at all. The point is that they are asking you to help them to speed up the laborious decision-making process that is a fundamental part of hiring someone. They are totally snowed-under by the flurry of applications they got by email and by post for the position they advertised and when it comes to the onerous task of sifting through them all – of shoveling the sidewalk so that they can get some clear space to think – they will be grateful to those candidates that have helped them along the way and scornful of those that have not.

More Reasons to Avoid the Free Sample Resume Cover Letter

Whether or not you think it is fair is a subject for another debate. First, you have to get that job. That means that you have to craft your own exciting cover letter, not just attach a free sample resume cover letter that you have downloaded from the Web.

The central difference between the two documents is that if you craft one yourself, you will make a point of describing yourself, the highlights of your resume and then tie it all back to the job you're applying for in one neat and concise package. To compare that to the free sample, it says nothing about you and wasn't written with the specifics of your job in mind and therefore it is bound to be infuriatingly vague. None of that would matter half as much if yours was one of only two or three that the hiring manager receives, but with thousands of such cover letters appearing in their in-trays every year, they rely on the candidate to do a good job of selling themselves before they are willing to delve deeper. Fail to do that and you could literally find yourself shoveling sidewalks for a living.

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