The Free Resume Cover Letter Example Paradox

By Jimmy Sweeney, Author of the brand new, "Amazing Cover Letter Creator."

If It’s a Free Resume Cover Letter, then How Can It Be Any Good?

For many job seekers, a free resume cover letter may seem like the answer to all of your problems. With a quick cut and paste, or by downloading a template from the Web, you are able to change a few details and attach it to your resume, send the complete package to an HR department, and sit back and wait for the phone to ring. The problem is that you may have to wait a long time for that call. Like forever. Because the truth about free cover letter templates is that they don't work. They don't do the basic job that is required of them and ultimately, they are a phenomenal waste of time.

Think about it for just a second and you'll realize why it is that this must be true. If the world was a big charity, then perhaps there may be many things of value that are able to be picked up or downloaded for free. But since, as the adage goes, there ain't no such thing as a free lunch, you have to figure that the same thing must apply to other things too. Like cover letters for example. In other words, if they are free, how can they be of much use? If they were really worth using, wouldn't someone be charging for them? To take the free resume cover letter example to the extreme, if they are so good, why is it that they have to offer their services for no charge at all?

More Free Resume Cover Letter Considerations

You may argue that not all of them are free and that the bookstores are full of books offering the same sort of information but that you are expected to pay for those. The sad thing is however, that isn't an argument at all. There are books on every topic you can imagine, and it is a fair bet that although many of them can be useful reading, they can never make you an expert without your own unique application of the information they contain. This is not a one-size-fits-all world. What works for you in your way and your style, does not work for the next person or the person next to them. And since the cover letter is a means of showing off precisely those things that make you unique, isn't it a better idea if it comes from you, rather than from one free resume cover letter example or another?

Crafting a cover letter should take no less effort on your part than you intend to bring to the actual job that you are applying for and for you to demonstrate that you mean business, you need to start off as you mean to continue. That means that you have to write your own cover letter from scratch and let it really shout out with enthusiasm and confidence about the resume that it accompanies. Think about this seriously, because if it is worth having the job you are applying for, it must follow that it is worth equipping yourself – and your resume – with the best tools to ensure that you can get through the door in the first place.

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