Don’t Believe the Free Resume Cover Letter

By Jimmy Sweeney Author of the brand new, "Amazing Cover Letter Creator."

How a Free Resume Cover Letter Could Cost You an Opportunity

A brief search on the Internet will reveal thousands and thousands of free resume cover letters, which you can download and attach to your resume. By doing so, you gain the advantage of shortening an often-difficult process and you can be sure that your application for any job will be submitted in record time. You can also be sure that you will not get any job that you are applying for and look forward to a long period of unemployment.

Applying for a job is supposed to require a little effort. The effort you put into the process is reflective in the hiring manager's eyes, of the amount of effort you intend to put into the job itself. And you have to figure that these people, who handle thousands of applicants' resumes during the course of a single year, can spot a sample cover letter from a mile away.

Options Beyond the Free Resume Cover Letter

In fact though, it isn't even the fact that you have used a sample letter that will irk them into discarding your resume the moment it lands in their in-tray. The point is not the letter itself, though you are likely nevertheless to incur a certain amount of scorn for attempting to undermine their intelligence. The real underlying problem with free resume cover letters of the sort that you can find on the Internet or as sample templates within your word processing package, is that they are utterly bereft of useful content. Hiring managers have a busy time of it, sifting through reams and reams of paper and what they want more than anything is for you to help them to get to the bottom of who you are and what it is you can do—and of why it is that you think you are suitable for the position—in as short a space of time as possible.

Your cover letter is the key to all of that, and a thoughtfully written example will trump any free resume cover letter, no matter what the author of that downloadable document may claim. Within a cleverly created cover letter, which you have generated from scratch, you can make a point of revealing a great deal of tantalizing information in a small number of words, which will make the hiring manager beg for more information. Considering that the cover letter is the only thing that any one of these overworked people gets to see in the initial stages of hunting for a candidate, you can surely see why it is that delivering those sorts of bite-sized pieces of information is more important than a sample collection of platitudes. And if that doesn't convince you, consider this: the process goes that hiring managers will invariably use cover letters to create a short list of potentially interesting candidates long before they ever get to perusing the resumes of those they have chosen to investigate. If your cover letter is lousy, it doesn't matter how glowing your resume is, because it is unlikely that anyone will ever take the time to read through it.

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