Don’t Buy That Free Cover Letter Example

By Jimmy Sweeney Author of the brand new, "Amazing Cover Letter Creator."

That Free Cover Letter Example Might Cost You

The next time you are online and see the chance to download a free cover letter example, think about this: Should you be invited for a job interview, you would take the time to think about how you would dress, what you would say, the behavior you would exhibit and so on. You would think about these things because you know they can make or break your application, regardless of how stellar your qualifications and experience may be. Clothing your resume in a great cover letter can have the same effect. By the same token, clothing it in one of the many free cover letter examples that permeate the Web today, can have the same effect as chewing gum throughout an interview and failing to answer any of the questions put to you.

HR departments, when they are reading through job applications, regard the cover letter as a way of learning something about you up front. To use the interview situation analogy once again, the hiring manager may pick up your cover letter and pose the question "what can you tell me about the candidate this belongs to?" If the answer is "not very much", that is precisely how much attention it will be given from that point forward. Not that they are intentionally unpleasant, but the fact of the matter is that these are busy, stressed-out people, and more so when they are urgently looking for someone suitable to fill an important position.

Where Free Cover Letter Examples Fail

Generic waffle about nothing of any substance is the hallmark of a free cover letter example. Specific detail about a unique candidate is what is being sought, and a free cover letter utterly fails to offer this. Well, how could it? How could a sample downloaded from the Web offer any information about you that is likely to be even remotely accurate? Though it may be very politely worded and it may offer all the sorts of platitudes about how important the job is and how eager you are to land it that you may think HR managers want to read, in fact it is conveying just one message: that the candidate didn't take the time to write an original.

This all matters because part of what an HR manager will be looking for in your cover letter is some indication of how much hard work you are willing to do. They will be looking for a glimmer of imagination and then they will be looking for detail. Not too much detail, because that is what your resume is for. It will be accepted that you have some sort of suitability for the job if you bothered to apply at all, but how much suitability is determined as much by your cover letter as it is by your resume. In the free cover letter example, you are essentially wasting that person's time. But by crafting something original and taking the time to think about what will go into it, you are providing them with invaluable assistance that may well be rewarded with that golden job opportunity that you so richly deserve. Trust us, it is the only way to win.

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