When considering which interest area to pursue for a career, use the following evaluation checklist:

_____ Interest (Would I like this kind of work well enough to do it as a career?)

_____ Personal Needs (Would I be able to satisfy my personal needs?)

_____ Lifestyle Needs (Would this kind of work fulfill my lifestyle needs?)

_____ Skills and Abilities (Do I have the skills and abilities needed, or the potential to develop them?)

_____ Physical Capability (Am I physically able to do this kind of work?)

_____ Working Conditions (Could I tolerate the working conditions?)

_____ Work Setting (Is this kind of work done in a setting I would like?)

_____ Preparation (Am I able and willing to obtain the education and training required?)

_____ Employment Opportunity (What are my chances of getting into this work?)

_____ Opportunity for Advancement (Can I get a higher level job in this field?)

_____ Certification (Am I willing to qualify for the licenses/certificates required?)

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