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'Online Search Engine'

Chief Executive Officer: Jerry Yang
Headquartered In: Sunnyvale, CA
Company Website: www.yahoo.com/
Stock Symbol: YHOO
Employees Worldwide: 11,700
Corporate Business: Online Products &
Services For Consumers,
Tools & Marketing Solutions
For Business

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Yahoo!

Yahoo! seeks creative, ingenious individuals who thrive on challenge, are communicative and able to accept responsibility. The company is commited to diversity, appreciates multiple perspectives and is not afraid to take informed responsible risks. The environment at Yahoo! is casual, with humor inherent to overall success. Check the "what we don't value" listing to gain a better insight on what Yahoo! is all about. The company participates in recruiting events and offers several university programs including internships, engineering programs and opportunities for new graduates.

Compensation & Benefits

Employees at Yahoo! are rewarded with competitive compensation, a creative & highly casual work environment and benefits, that in some cases are very unique. The packages may vary by geographic location, but the more normal benefits in the U.S. include employee stock purchase plan, 401(k), healthcare and vacation and other work/life balance programs. Combine those with perks like a game room, back-up child care, free soda & specialty coffee beverages, health club & massage and an array of other on-site amenities and you have a winning workplace.

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