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'Pharmaceutical & Health Care Products'

Chairman & CEO: Robert Essner
Headquartered In: Madison, NJ
Company Website: www.wyeth.com/
Stock Symbol: WYE
Employees Worldwide: 50,000
Corporate Brands: Advil®, Anbesol®,
Caltrate®, Centrum®,
ChapStick®, Dimetapp®,
FiberCon®, Inderal®,
Phenergan®, Preparation H®,
Premarin®, Primatene®,
Robitussin® & Many Others

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Wyeth

Career opportunities at Wyeth encompass a wide range of disciplines from engineering & science to business management & human resources. If your career goal is to be on the cutting edge of pharmaceutical development and research, then check out the possibilities here. Wyeth actively recruits on the campuses of leading colleges looking to hire the most qualified people from all disciplines. As a global company, Wyeth seeks to cultivate a diverse workplace comprised of individuals from different backgrounds and experiences with personalized viewpoints.

Compensation & Benefits

While overall benefit packages may vary on geographic location and job function, Wyeth provides employees with highly competitive and comprehensive benefits. Benefits include the more traditional offerings plus a variety of other work/life programs like child care subsidies, flex time, and educational assistance.

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