Williams Companies, Inc: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

"2006 Hydrocarbon Producer Of The Year"

Chairman, President & CEO: Steven J. Malcolm
Headquartered In: Tulsa, OK
Company Website: www.williams.com/
Stock Symbol: WMB
Employees Worldwide: 4,313
Corporate Businesses: Interstate Natural Gas
Pipelines, Exploration &
Production, Midstream Gathering
& Processing

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Williams Companies, Inc.

Williams seeks to attract and retain a diverse workforce comprised of creative, talented individuals. The company participates in college campus recruiting for internships in business and engineering majors. Those internships are a key candidate source for filling open full-time positions. Williams also has a commitment to ongoing learning as a career development tool.

Compensation & Benefits

Competitive compensation and flexible benefit options are provided by Williams to all eligible employees. Those benefits may include healthcare options, business casual attire, flexible spending accounts, dental insurance and many other options and programs designed for work/life balance.

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