Washington Mutual: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Retail Banking & Financial Services'

Chairman & CEO: Kerry K. Killinger
Headquartered In: Seattle, WA
Company Website: www.wamu.com/
Stock Symbol: WM
Employees Worldwide: 55,000
Corporate Products & Services: Retail Banking & Financial
Services, Home Loans,
Card Services,
Commercial Group Business

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Washington Mutual

Washington Mutual provides an open, supportive and dynamic work environment where a spirit of teamwork thrives. The company offers many career functions for long-term career possibilities including account manager, underwriter, loan consultant, financial analyst, auditor, project manager and statistician to just name a few. WaMu promotes their commitment to diversity through alliances with local, regional & national organizations as well as college & university recruiting and a Diversity Recruiting Task Team. The company even offers a High School Intern Program for students looking to gain valuable work experience.

Compensation & Benefits

WaMu provides employees with an array of medical coverage options, dental, flexible spending accounts, life & disability insurance programs, a 401(k) plan, pension plan, employee discounts, stock purchase plan, vacation, holidays, incidental illness time, and learning & development opportunities for career betterment.

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