Visteon Corporation: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Design Expertise'

Chairman & CEO: Michael F. Johnston
Headquartered In: Van Buren Township, MI
Company Website: www.visteon.com/
Stock Symbol: VC
Employees Worldwide: Approximately 45,000
Corporate Products: Climate, Electronics, Lighting,
Interiors, Powertrain Controls,
Engine Induction, Chassis,
Aftermarket & Powertrain

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Visteon Corporation

Visteon believes that their employees are the cornerstone of the company's ability to shape a positive working environment and operating culture. The company values diversity both in their global hiring practices and in supply base and offers "Support Groups" for employee networking. Visteon fosters career development through continued eduction benefits, mentoring and other programs that employees are encouraged to take advantage of.

Compensation & Benefits

The benefits provided at Visteon are designed to meet the needs of their ever-changing global workforce. Full-time employees are eligible for a competitive and comprehensive benefit package that offers flexibility and work/life balance.

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