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'Building Products & Systems'

Chairman & CEO: William C. Foote
Headquartered In: Chicago, IL
Company Website: www.usg.com/
Stock Symbol: USG
Employees Worldwide: 13,787
Corporate Products: Ceiling Panels, Suspended
Ceilings, Mold & Moisture
Solutions, Gypsum Industrial
Products & Many Others

Careers & Jobs:
Careers @ USG

Working For USG Corporation

USG Corporation provides employees with the safest workplaces in the industry. Teamwork, diversity and long-term career growth are promoted here in a variety of ways including both classroom and on-the-job training. Employees are given the responsibility and opportunity to reach their full potential and are assigned to functions that make the best use of their talents. Innovation, efficiency, quality, integrity and safety are all important values here. USG participates in numerous campus recruiting events, so be sure to check out the scheduled events calendar.

Compensation & Benefits

All eligible employees at USG are provided with a flexible benefits package designed to meet individual needs. Included in the package are a choice of health plans, dental & vision coverage, life & disability insurance, 401(k) plan, career development programs and an array of other work/life balance programs like part-time schedules and flexible work hours.

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