U.S. Bancorp: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Five Star Service Guarantee'

Chairman & CEO: Richard K. Davis
Headquartered In: Minneapolis, MN
Company Website: www.usbank.com/
Stock Symbol: USB
Employees Worldwide: Approximately 50,000
Corporate Businesses: Banking, Investments,
Brokerage, Insurance
Mortgage, Trust &
Payment Services

Careers & Jobs:
U.S. Bancorp Careers

Working For U.S. Bancorp

U.S. Bank offers employees the chance to be challenged and grow in their careers. The company looks for team members who are dedicated to providing superior service and value to customers. U.S. Bank recruites, selects and looks to retain a qualified workforce that represents all factions of the communities they serve and development programs encourage personal and professional career growth.

Compensation & Benefits

Employees at U.S. Bank are provided with an overall total compensation programs that allows for base pay, variable pay and a variety of benefits that include health & welfare benefits, retirement programs and an array of work and life programs.

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