Unisys: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

"Security Unleashed"

President & CEO: Joseph W. McGrath
Headquartered In: Blue Bell, PA
Company Website: www.unisys.com/
Stock Symbol: UIS
Employees Worldwide: More Than 36,000
Corporate Business: Technology Products & Services
For Transportation, Communication,
U.S. Federal Government,
Financial Services Industries
& Public Sector

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Unisys

Career opportunities at Unisys include such job categories as hardware & software engineering, manufacturing, web development, sales, web design/graphics/content, programming/development and quality assurance as well as systems architecture, telecommunications/telephony, network management, consulting and a variety of administrative and general services. There are numerous opportunities for career advancement as this company actively rewards and recognizes employee contributions to their success. Student opportunities at Unisys take the form of cooperative education programs, foreign exchange traineeship program and other internship programs. Check out the "Student Employment" section of this website for more complete information on what is offered.

Compensation & Benefits

In addition to health & medical benefits, 401(k) plan and paid time off, Unisys offers employees a wide array of work/life balance benefits that include flex time, compressed workweeks, part-time and telecommuting, to name just a few. Please note however that since Unisys is a global company, the benefit packages may vary by geographic location and job function.

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