Union Pacific Corporation: Employment, Jobs, Career & Work

'Union Pacific Railroad Largest In North America'

Chairman, President & CEO: James R. Young
Headquartered In: Omaha, NE
Company Website: www.up.com/
Stock Symbol: UNP
Employees Worldwide: 52,000
Corporate Business: Railroad With Diversified
Commodity Mix Including
Chemicals, Coal, Food Products,
Forest Products, Grain Products,
Many Others

Careers & Jobs:

Working For Union Pacific Corporation

At this time, Union Pacific is hiring in unprecedented numbers to replace retiring baby boomers. There is an array of opportunities available in several states in Trade, Operations Management, Professional Jobs & Train Crew/Service areas. The company actively recruits college students with majors in a variety of fields and the Campus Recruiting Schedule may be of interest to you if you wish to meet with a company representative in person. Union Pacific has also been recognized as one of the most "Military Friendly Employers" in America. The company has several diversity support groups that help bring issues that matter to employees to management's attention.

Compensation & Benefits

Union Pacific offers a superior array of benefits to employees that include everything from medical insurance to gym memberships. Specific benefits vary on location and position as many positions may be 'union' and thus covered under collective bargaining agreements. However every full-time employee has access to retirement benefits, vacations & holidays and a host of other benefits that help employees achieve work/life balance.

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